"A jazzy elegance, a simplicity that is only apparent and a poetry magnified by a broad and dense voice."

Marian Crole and her band are excited to present their new music set «  Beyond Love » in conjunction with the new album. For this creation, they play further into Soul Music style to inspire the deepest of feelings and emotions from the audience that will lead each them to feel refreshed and peaceful at the end.

Deeply rooted in her multicultural origins, Marian Crole writes in Spanish, French and English, each language bringing a different flavor to the songs and broadening the outreach to the audience.

This original music appeals to all, especially other artists and creative types. The audience is encouraged to relax and open themselves up to the transformation the music offers.

In band’s live concerts, their true love of music and the energy of their deep connection with each other flows freely till reaching the public with joy.

Along with Marian Crole’s authentic voice, Théo Duboule (guitar) improvisations open space with freedom as Yann Hunziker’s beat (drums) bring a sense of organic density and Aurèle Louis’s cello lines are the sensual touch in each piece,

Marian Crole and her band offer us a music with soul to connect to ourselves and to the power of being together.

 A few words from the audience

"It's a shared feeling between traveling and a cocoon of light, but beware, not a creepy light where everything is pink, rather a light of hope or understanding" Susana

"I felt like a cozy atmosphere of a grand palace ... as we see in the movies (because I do not frequent the palaces!)" Anonymous

"Despite the fact that I can not understand the language, your voice touches the heart." Sandhya

"I was stressed, without knowing where or how to find a new home, listening to" Memories "immediately relaxed me and brought a sense of peace." Erminia