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Floriano Inacio Jr. gehört zur jungen Generation exzellenter Jazzmusiker mit brasilianischen Wurzeln und ebensolchen Einflüssen.

Der brasilianische Pianist Floriano Inacio Jr entwickelt Kompositionen, die auf einer Fusion aus Jazz und traditioneller brasilianischer Musik aufbauen. Seine Musik ist von einer energiereichen Frische, inspiriert durch unterschiedliche Einflüsse wie Samba und andere Rhythmen. Seine Improvisationsgabe entführt das Publikum in seinen Soli in andere Sphären. Floriano Inacio Junior, Gewinner des ersten Jazz-Nachwuchsförderungspreises der "Jazzkultur Olten", schart Musiker um sich, die in der Schweizer Jazzszene einen Namen haben. 

Mit Liebe und Berufung für die Música Popular Brasileira, sowie als gemeinsamen Nenner den Jazz und Samba-Jazz im Gepäck, vertiefte Floriano seine musikalischen Kenntnisse an Schweizer Konservatorien. Floriano stellt eine direkte Verbindung zwischen den Wurzeln des Samba (Choro, Gafieira, Frevo etc) und dem modernen Jazz her. Sogar in seinem Klavierspiel ist stets das Cavaquinho präsent.



Upon receiving an accordion and a tambourine from his father, a young Floriano Inacio Jr., just 6 years old, was not immediately interested. But by the time he was twelve, Floriano had discovered the cavaquinho. This would be the beginning of a love affair between the young man and music, which would last for the rest of his life.

Going from the cavaquinho to the guitar was a leap: it was a chance to join the legendary choro and samba “rodas” (circles) of São Paulo. Young and energetic, Floriano wanted to be part of the bigger scene. Despite having little experience, he wanted it and he was aware of his creative ability. The result charmed everyone.

In 1999, through his proximity to other talented musicians in the Santana neighborhood in São Paulo, he was decided to play the piano too. He drew the attention of the genius Louis Alba, and together they built an exquisite relationship of pupil and mentor. His creativity, stimulated day by day at the highest level of complexity, ended up taking Floriano Inácio Jr. to surf the waves of Jazz. In this experimental sea, he sails the Atlantic and moors his raft in the Swiss Alps. In his luggage he carries dreams, curiosities and love for Brazilian music and Jazz.

In Switzerland, he was accepted with honors in two of the best country's conservatories: the "Conservatoire de Musique de Genève" and "Musikhochschule Luzern", where he completed master's degrees in Piano and Jazz performance, and Pedagogy. There he had the chance to improve his theoretical knowledge, meet other talented artists and touch many people when he was awarded first place in a competition for his performance in the Jazz style in Olten, also in Switzerland Today, Floriano Inácio Júnior conducts various projects. He's a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, records CDs and has played in many festivals such as "Montreaux," "Blue Balls" and "Ascona". He is collaborator and partner of Jaques Morelembaum, Armandinho Macedo, David Linx and other known names. He teaches music in the cities of Schwyz and Küsnacht. Mildred Aubry, who, is delighted by the talent of the Brazilian, invited him to be the director of her new album. After three solo albums, "Kaiapó", "Floriano Inácio Jr. Quartet" and "Deu Choro," Floriano released "Attitude", a colorful and unique album, whose songs are all composed by Floriano, one of the most acclaimed and respected Brazilian musicians in Central Europe.